I had some issues getting the gotomeeting videos to work so ive made a short page on it. You can get the g2m3 codec here.

How to use GoToMeeting

Here is the GoToMeeting manual if you need more help with GotoMeeting is a site as its name indicates that allows you to conference online, showing the screen of your computer to all meeting invitees. There is a very detailed guide to gotomeeting here The advantages of such meetings are many, first of all you can reach people who are far away and they can not attend, but most of all are sure that ALL people are seeing the same thing, conferences or meetings when we already know that the front look better than those of the banks barely see and that while people who are with the horn almost deaf are those who are further away hardly hear anything, especially when they are instructing this is frustrating. Well because with GoToMeeting each person in your computer sees and hears the same as the other which will maximize the understanding, and the service is paid, are paid $ 49 per month or annual plans also have, when you organize the meeting to send him others follow a link which will install a plug in and start the meeting, to hear what is being said you need headphones and microphone or else with a phone and make a call (the U.S.) also has a window chat. It is a good service with many applications but if you are considering taking into account that they have to explain step by step use and that many people will not want to make a long distance call international, if they are all in the same city and not really many it is better to make a face meeting and send to all the presentation to your e-mail to remind you, another thing GoToMeeting does not store anything, once the meeting is just the display of meeting and if you wrote down (or recorded) information, hope you have a good memory. The page and the instructions are in English, once you buy this service you can invite people you like, but again make sure that all understand the process, on your screen you can see people already connected.

Editions and features GoToMeeting is sold in two editions - Personal and Corporate - providing increased capabilities of service management. Version 3, released in 2006, maintains these issues, providing Macintosh help of the wizard and Microsoft Office integration. The recording software is installed on the GoToMeeting Web site. GoToMeeting features in all editions include: Encryption and authentication to security provided by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Web site with the bit end-to-end 128 Advanced Encryption Standard Encryption (AES) and optional password Specific Use sharing to show only selected programs with attendees 24 bit color to have access to a host PC that supports this display mode Multi monitor support for a client PC Several competing products exist, including other Web-hosted services, and commercial and free software. These include WebEx Meeting Center and Microsoft Live Meeting. GoToMeeting in context GoToMeeting technology took GoToMyPC and GoToAssist and extended it to allow collaborative meetings on the web. When he emerged GoToMeeting, WebEx, LiveNote and supply mainly to large corporations and divisions of sales, entering the six-figure contract. Citrix Online GoToMeeting launched into an all you can meet "basis, with a monthly ( or annual charge) based on the number of hosts allowed. This valuation model was unique at the time, but has since been copied by competitors.